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Northern Mowers & Ag Orchard Tractor


From Orchards to Aircraft

The inspiration for Northern Mowers & Ag was born from owner Douglas Revill's early life living on a commercial orchard, immersed in tractors and machinery, developing a great work ethic and the enjoyment of long hard days and the satisfaction of seeing the results of that hard work. 

Tinkering on machines over time developed into a passion – transforming them into the perfectly functioning machines they were designed to be. A 30 year career in aircraft engineering honed Doug's skills and highlighted the importance of high quality and meticulous work.



Serving the Local Community

When the COVID-19 pandemic devasted the airline industry, Doug seized the opportunity to launch a new business - REVIT Mechanical, successfully serving the local community for two years and providing a foundation to expand the business to a commercial premises in the form of Northern Mowers & Ag.

Based in Whittlesea Victoria, Northern Mowers & Ag is a return to Doug's agricultural roots where he can apply his extensive experience and dedication to excellence, serving the local community and beyond. 

SINCE 1981

Site History

The site of Northern Mowers & Ag, located at 34 Beech Street Whittlesea in Victoria, was built by Godings in 1981. Ian Goding founded the company in 1972 as a fabrication and welding business which grew to sell tractors and agricultural equipment. Our location is recognised in the area as a farming and agricultural enterprise and we look forward to upholding the tradition and providing exceptional quality and service to our community.

Northern Mowers & Ag Rural Landscape

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